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GPS Microphone
Model: DP-AE9R
For use with Harris radios on P25 systems, this speaker microphone includes a rubber PT...
1-Bay Tri-Chemistry Charger
Model: DP-CH4G
The single-bay charger provides flexibility to charge batteries with or without the rad...
6-Bay Tri Chemistry Charger
Model: DP-CH4H
Save time by charging up to six batteries at once.  Charge batteries with or witho...
VC4000 Charger
Model: DP-CH4U
Mount in a vehicle or use on a desk. Charges NiMH and Li-Ion batteries in about 1.5 hou...
Leather Case with Belt Loop
Model: DP-HC9L
Made of quality leather, this case includes a heavy-duty belt clip to comfortably secur...
Black Nylon Case with Belt Loop
Model: DP-HC9M
Snug fitting design keeps radios secure in even the most rugged of industrial applicati...
Leather Case with Shoulder Strap
Model: DP-HC9S
Quality leather strap securely holds snug fitting leather case over uniforms for a comf...
Leather Strap
Model: DP-HC9V
Quality leather strap for convenient comfortable use with cases featuring top D-rings. ...
3600 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Model: DP-PA2U
The highest capacity Harris battery for single-band radios. The battery has an average ...
2000 mAh Intrisically Safe Lithium Ion Battery
Model: DP-PA3N
This Li-Ion battery is rated for 10 hours.  IP67 rated for immersion and dust/dirt...
2400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
Model: DP-PA3R
Lightest battery available in the Harris portfolio.  This battery is rated for 10+...
DigitalPatroller DP-2
Model: DP2
DigitalPatroller DP-2 is an in-vehicle video system designed and built specifically for...
DTR410 Digital On-Site Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: DTR410
The DTR410 digital on-site two-way radio presents a better way for small businesses to ...
DTR550 Digital On-Site Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: DTR550
The DTR550 digital on-site portable two-way radio operates at 900 MHz and offers enhanc...
DTR650 Digital On-Site Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: DTR650
The DTR650 digital on-site portable radio delivers all the great features of the DTR550...

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