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CLP1040 Two-Way Radio
Model: CLP1040
CLP combines comfort, durability and simplicity in a sleek design. Designed for the ret...
CLP1060 Two-Way Radio
Model: CLP1060
The CLP1060 business two-way radio is Bluetooth capable and operates on 6 channels with...
CLS1110 On-Site Business Two-Way Radio
Model: CLS1110
Delivering remarkable functionality at the push of a button, the CLS 1110TM on-site two...
CLS1410 On-Site Business Two-Way Radio
Model: CLS1410
Delivering remarkable quality and flexibility at the push of a button, the CLS1410 on-s...
CM200d Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: CM200d
Stay connected with your workers whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching trucks o...
CM300d Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: CM300d
Stay connected with your workers whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching trucks o...
CP110 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: CP110
The CP Series two-way radios bring workplace noise to its knees by helping to ensure ex...
CP185 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: CP185
Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manu...
CP200d Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: CP200d
Simple and affordable, the CP200d portable two-way radio connects your workforce effici...
CS7000 Control Station
Model: CS7000
The CS7000 is a compact, state-of-the-art control station that provides: Multib...
Fire Remote Speaker Microphone
Model: DP-AE1U
Designed by firefighters for firefighters, the Fire RSM provides rugged reliability whe...
Earphone Lapel Attachment
Model: DP-AE3Z
Harris’ standard earpiece for use with radios with 2.5mm jack connection, intrinsically...
High-Visibility Speaker Microphone
Model: DP-AE4C
Designed specifically for firefighters, this rugged microphone includes a yellow rubber...
Ruggedized Speaker Microphone with Emergency Button
Model: DP-AE6C
Our ruggedized speaker microphone offers a watertight accessory connector and is Immers...
Speaker Microphone
Model: DP-AE9D
Our standard microphone includes a rubber PTT button, an emergency button, two-position...

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