HDR100 Repeater

HDR100 Repeater
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Type: Base Stations
Brand: Harris Corporation
Model: HDR100
Multimode DMR Repeater
The HDR100 Repeater is engineered for years of reliable performance. This multimode conventional repeater provides digital (DMR) and analog signaling. While in digital DMR mode the HDR100 operates in a 2-slot TDMA format on 12.5 kHz channels to provide 6.25 kHz equivalent efficiency. In analog mode the repeater operates in a 12.5 kHz FDMA format. The digital and analog modes of operation are compliant with the FCC 2013 Narrowband mandate.
  • Standard 19”, 2 RU design
  • Optional internal Duplexer
  • Color display
  • Spectrally efficient TDMA technology
  • Programmable keys
  • FCC Narrowband Compliant
  • Auto-detection Analog or Digital Waveform
Operating Modes:  
  • Digital Conventional
  • Analog Conventional
Available Bands:
  • VHF: (136-174 MHz) 
  • UHF: (400-470/450-520 MHz)


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