UHF Portable Antenna - MFXU Style

UHF Portable Antenna - MFXU Style
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Type: Antennas
Brand: Panorama
Model: MFXU
Each pre-tuned frequency has a colour coding to ensure that the frequency is easily recognisable. 
Panorama offers a comprehensive range of portable antennas. The MFXU range are totally overmoulded in polyester to improve their durability and life expectancy.
Antenna Connectors
The MFXU range of antennas can be supplied withthe following connectors to fit most portable radio devices:
BNC, ICF4, ICF5, M4, M6, MG, MV, MX, PRP73, SL100, SMAFR, SMAMO, TNC, TNK, TNM, TP8, VX410
All or our portable antennas can be tuned to required frequency. The MFXU range covers a banded frequency range of 330-512MHz or frequency bands R- W
Panorama is the world's leader in VHF & UHF Helical antennas. Panorama has been supplying major radio manufacturers and police forces for over 20 years.


  • Rugged design 
  • Pre-tuned to any frequency 
  • Colour coded 


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