Multifunction GPS, GSM, UMTS WiMAX & P25 Low Profile Antenna

Multifunction GPS, GSM, UMTS WiMAX & P25 Low Profile Antenna
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Type: Antennas
Brand: Panorama
Model: LG-S4-AEP3G-24-54
Panorama's Low Profile Antennas are designed to withstand high impacts and still continue functioning. The LG-S4-AEP3G-24-54 is perfect for Police vehicles, which require constant communications even when under attack.The multiple frequencies available with the LG-S4-AEP3G-24-54 makes it perfect for Buses and other public service applications that require access to many different communications technologies simultaneously.
The LP & LG range of antennas do not require a ground plane, so they can be installed on any material.
On the move
The rugged design of the Panorama Low Profile range makes the antennas suitable for trains, heavy goods vehicles, buses and other applications that require a heavy duty unit.
The Low Profile Antenna range has been employed by many police forces who require an antenna which couples high performance with a rugged, heavy duty design.
Bus Antennas
The LG-S4-AEP3G-24-54 range of antennas has been used by many bus companies due to the combination of durability and multi-functionality that it provides.
  • Rugged Design 
  • Heavy Duty Application 
  • Can Be Combined With GPS  


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