Magnetic GPS Mount Antenna

Magnetic GPS Mount Antenna
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Type: Antennas
Brand: Panorama
Model: GPSME-6FP
However often you use your GPS system, the GPSME can help improve your signal. Occasional users can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the magnetic mounting system, which can be fitted, removed and re-positioned as many times as required. If you are a more regular user, then the tough magnet in the GPSME will hold it securely in place ensuring that you never lose your antenna or signal.
In order for GPS antennas to consistently provide truly accurate positioning data, they must communicate with as many satellites as possible at any one time. Panorama has invested in software that enables us to monitor which satellites can be seen by an antenna. This greatly helps the development process, allowing us to see how our antennas perform under real conditions. 
The Panorama GPS Antenna range is used by logistics, fleet management & transportation companies across the world. Being able to track the locations of their vehicles is a vital asset for such companies, allowing them to co-ordinate deliveries and collections and thereby improving business performance. Panorama's GPS range helps ensure that the vital information offered by GPS systems is consistently and accurately delivered.
  • Excellent Performance 
  • Active GPS element 
  • Magnetic fixing 


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