In-Vehicle GPS Antenna

In-Vehicle GPS Antenna
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Type: Antennas
Brand: Panorama
Model: GPSS-3F
Wherever you are heading, the GPSV/GPSS can help you find the way. With a simple, compact design, the antenna is engineered to be easy to mount but hard to see. Available with an adhesive pad or an innovative hook and loop mounting system, where you place it is your choice. Wherever it ends up, the GPSV/GPSS will deliver great performance, letting you find where you’re going faster than ever before.
The Panorama GPS Antenna range is used by logistics, fleet management & transportation companies across the world. Being able to track the locations of their vehicles is a vital asset for such companies, allowing them to co-ordinate deliveries and collections and thereby improving business performance. Panorama's GPS range helps ensure that the vital information offered by GPS systems is consistently and accurately delivered.
  • Excellent Performance 
  • Active GPS element 
  • Hook and loop or adhesive pad fixing 


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