Heavy Duty Multi Function Antenna

Heavy Duty Multi Function Antenna
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Type: Antennas
Brand: Panorama
Model: GPSB
The heavy duty GPSB antenna series combines four different antennas in a sleek mounting. Only a single hole is required to mount the antenna, making this a far quicker and easier solution than using four different antennas. The versatility of the antenna makes it ideal for every application from public safety to logistics and asset tracking. The external UHF or VHF whip can be used as a simple two-way radio link with a hub, the 3G UMTS antenna or GPRS antenna can be used for data feeds and mobile phone calls, the GPS antenna can be used for navigation and vehicle tracking, whilst the WLAN antennas can download data back at the depot. Four complex functions in just one rugged antenna.
The multi fuction of the GPSB range makes them a popular choice for the police, buses, taxis and other public service or utility vehicles.
The GPSB range is used by many police forces. The external whip can be tuned to any frequency making it a truly global product.
The GPSB aerial is used by taxi companies to enable constant communication between their cars and the dispatch station.
The single hole installation of this high performance antenna makes it quick and simple to fit, leading it to be used by many courier companies.
  • Four elements in one sleek housing 
  • TETRA, GPS Multiband GSM/Cellular, 3G UMTS & Wireless LAN in one antenna 
  • Heavy duty design for any UHF or VHF whip 


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